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Ten Years Ago…

I didn’t even have a passport.  My first trip overseas, for work, was nearly a disaster: I caught my coat on fire hours before the flight, spent 10 hours in Frankfurt on a missed connection, and arrived in a small town in Bulgaria at 3AM with only a few hours until my first meeting.  But over the next few days, after exploring Roman ruins, getting swept away in a traditional wedding procession, and overindulging in local fare, I was hooked.  And with each subsequent trip, I slowly grew from a haphazard to expert traveler.

A decade later, I’ve filled one passport with stamps from over 40 countries and traveled nearly 300,000 miles.  I’ve slept under the stars in the Sahara, hiked the Inca Trail, toured Chernobyl, and spent a week aboard a catamaran in the Caribbean, among many other adventures.

Now I’m sharing my tips, expertise, and advice to help other travelers become experts in their own right — or at least be sure they wear shoes to the airplane lavatory.

– Adrienne, World Traveler and Blogger

The Haphazard Traveler

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