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Last Updated on January 3, 2021

Need gift ideas for the travel lovers on your shopping list?  Travel subscription boxes are a great way to give the gift of a virtual vacation in a box!  And since so many of us are stuck at home right now, travel subscription boxes are an especially thoughtful gift.  

Let’s face it: we travelers can be tough to buy for.  We’re obsessive about our gear, and we actually prefer LESS of it so we can travel light.  Our friends and family are quite possibly out of gift inspiration for us!

So I’ve got awesome gift ideas, whether you’re shopping for a travel lover, foodie traveler, or adrenaline junkie.  Or perhaps you’re looking for ways to travel from home yourself (“staycation” got old last July, ya’ll!). These are the absolute best travel subscription boxes and gift boxes for wanderlusters.  Get ready for awesome ways to give a vacation in a box to your favorite traveler!

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Avoid this scene – give subscription boxes!

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Top Travel Subsciption Boxes Plus Last-Minute Deals:

  • Best snack box: Universal Yums. This is by far the most-selected subscription box from my list! Learn to say yum in every language with snacks from a different country delivered monthly. Click here!
  • Stir Crazy Essentials: Check out Cratejoy’s best subscription boxes for folks stuck at home. Click here
  • Best splurge for foodie travelers: American Wagyu beef from Snake River Farms. Also great for special holiday meals!
  • Best subscription box for coffee-loving travelers: Atlas Coffee. Send your favorite traveler on a coffee tour of the world. Click here!

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In this shopping guide to travel subscription boxes, you’ll find gifts for:

Coffee & Tea Lovers | Foodie Travelers | Women Travelers | Adventure Junkies | Wine & Cocktail Connoisseurs | Traveling Bookworms | Responsible Travelers | Travel Kids & Families

Subscriptions for Coffee & Tea-Lovers

Best Travel Subscription Boxes for Coffee Connoisseurs & Tea Lovers

Trivia time: Over 70 countries around the world grow coffee, and even more have their own distinct coffee culture.  While four countries produce over 60% of the world’s coffee – Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia and Indonesia — there are so many more waiting to be explored.   Tea is even more popular than coffee, second only to water as the most-consumed drink in the world.

Send your favorite traveler to faraway lands with one of these travel subscription boxes that curate coffees and teas from around the globe.

best gifts for travelers

Atlas Coffee Club

An Atlas Coffee Club subscription will take your traveler on a tour of the world’s best coffees each month. Every box includes a curated selection of single-origin coffee with tasting notes and brewing tips. Atlas Coffee is roasted-to-order, so it always ships fresh right after roasting. Plus, each box includes a postcard from the coffee’s origin and a bag design inspired by local landscapes and textiles (so you can imagine yourself there as you sip away!). This holiday season, I think Atlas Coffee is a thoughtful travel gift for coffee-loving travelers, especially those working from home or dreaming of future adventures.

Subscriptions: ½ bag, 1 bag or 2 bags; delivery every 2 or 4 weeks | Gifts: 3 months, 6 months of 12 months

Best for: Coffee connoisseurs, foodie travelers, culture vultures

example of Tea Runners subscription box

Tea Runners

Tea Runners curates teas from small batch producers, many of which are top place finishers at the Global Tea Championship Awards. (Are these awards televised?  Do you think the judges all drink with their pinkies out??)  Every box contains a curated collection of 4 of the world’s best loose leaf teas, along with tasting notes and steeping instructions.  Each box contains enough for 30-50 cups!  Tea Runners gets great reviews for its fresh quality, attractive packaging and excellent curation.  And if you fall in love with a flavor, you can order more from their online tea store.

Options: Choose from four different boxes: All Black Tea Box, Herbal Tea Box, Pure Tea Box, and the Original Box (a combination of teas)

Subscriptions and gifts: a monthly subscription, bi-monthly, or every three months

Best for: tea lovers, culture vultures

Gift Boxes for Foodie Travelers

Delectable Subscription Boxes for Foodie Travelers

Yes, that’s right, I said delectable.  Your foodie traveler deserves nothing less than the best snack food boxes and gastronomic gifts from around the globe.  Luckily, I’ve scoured the internet for international food subscription boxes and gourmet gifts to make that dream a reality!

example of universal yums snack subscription box

Universal Yums

Universal Yums is like a dream to me: a curated box of salty and sweet treats shows up at my door from a different country each month?  Don’t mind me over here, camped out by my mail slot already.  The Universal Yums selection team says that they’ve sampled thousands of treats from around the world, but only the ones that made them say “Holy &#%!” made it into the Yum Shop.  With each snack food subscription box, you’ll receive a booklet of trivia and games, and the larger subscription options also include bonus content recipes and more.

Options: Yum Box (5-7 snacks), Yum Yum Box (10-12 snacks), Super Yum Box (18-20 snacks)

Subscriptions & Gifts: 1, 3, 6 and 12 months

Best for: snack aficionados, families, kids, me (if you’re reading this, Mom)

Gifts for Foodie Travelers - Snake River Farms American Kobe Waygu Beef

Snake River Farms American Kobe Beef

For serious foodie travelers, consider having mouth-watering American Wagyu (Kobe-style) steaks from Snake River Farms delivered straight to their door. Step away from the Omaha Steaks website, and instead let me introduce you to Snake River Farms. Their family-owned, humanely-raised, sustainable American Kobe beef is regularly featured in Michelin starred restaurants.

As a perfect holiday gift for your favorite foodie, check out Snake River’s gift center. Or treat your family to a special holiday meal with Snake River steaks, roasts, or grilling favorites as the main course!

Options: No subscriptions; just shop their mouthwatering options

Best for: serious foodies, omnivores, holiday meals

Try the World subscription box for foodie travelers

Try The World

Try the World offers curated boxes of gourmet foods, cooking ingredients, drinks and snacks from around the world, delivered to your door each month. If your foodie traveler hits up the local grocery store for souvenirs (OK, this is me), then Try the World is the perfect travel gift for them! There are options of boxes focused on a certain country every month or an assortment of artisanal snacks, and plans ranging from monthly to yearly.

Options: Gourmet food box or lighter snack box option; monthly to annual plans and gift subscriptions

Best for: Foodie travelers, street food aficionados, anyone who eats food

contents of a subscription box from Spice Madam

Spice Madam

Spice Madam is like getting a visit from a different world chef each month (without having to make up a bed for them on the couch).  Explore, experience, and eat your way through a new destination monthly with a curated box of spices and recipes.  Plus, you get a special themed music playlist and fun facts about the featured country!  Each box has 5-6 recipes of full course meals to feed 6-8 people.

Spice Madam is perfect for dinner clubs with friends, home schooling, family time, or as a way to look forward to an upcoming trip.  Every box also supports a youth education non-profit.  Plus, Spice Madam consistently receives top reviews on Cratejoy, and has received accolades as the best global spice, recipe, and culture subscription box.

Subscriptions & Gifts: Month-to-month plan for gifts or subscriptions

Best for: foodies, families, culture vultures, (aspiring) home chefs

contents of Bokksu international food subscription box from Japan


Bokksu is an international food subscription box that partners with 100+ year old family makers to deliver Japan-exclusive snacks, candies, and teas to your door!  Your traveler can experience Japan from home each month through authentic Japanese flavors and stories of Japanese culture and traditions. With the first box of a subscription, snacks are handpicked to give a taste of what a year in Japan is like through all four seasons.  After that, each box will have a monthly theme.

If your traveler loves Japanese food and culture or has Japan on their bucket list, this is the perfect holiday gift!  You can also shop individual snacks, teas, and gifts in their online market.

Options: Classic Bokksu with 20 to 25 delicious Japanese snacks and a tea pairing; Tasting Bokksu with 10 to 14 snacks and a tea pairing

Subscriptions: Monthly or 3, 6 or 12 months

Best for: Japanophiles, foodie travelers, Asia travelers, culture vultures

Discover Japan Together with Bokksu!
I haven’t yet visited Japan, but I recognize these snacks from my frenzied shopping in the Tokyo airport on layovers!  Here, hold my travel pillow.

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Consider Kizuna Box, for Japanophiles who would prefer an international subscription box with a balance of snacks and lifestyle items like ceramics, stationery, and more.

contents of Russia Box with chocolate and snacks

The Russia Box

Have a Russophile on your gift list?  The Russia Box curates a selection of authentic Russian, Soviet, Slavic and Eastern European snacks and lifestyle items.  Each box contains 1 or 2 large items, 5 to 10 small to medium snack items and 1 genuine cultural item.  If you’ve ever had Russian chocolates, you know how good even the little wrapped assorted candies are! 

This international subscription box has great reviews for the quality of the items, curation, and service.  The Russia Box is a gift that will make your foodie traveler say Спасибо! (That’s Russian for thank you.)

Subscriptions: Monthly or quarterly; gifts month-to-month

Best for: Russophiles, culture vultures, foodie travelers

contents of Korean Snack Box candy and snacks

Korean Snack Box

Travelers to Korea will remember the thrill of stepping into one of the country’s many convenience stores, which are stocked with grab-and-go meals, salty snacks, and sweet treats and candies.  The Korean Snack Box packs up all the best of these snacks and candies every month into a cultural subscription box, and ships it around the globe in 1-2 weeks.

If your traveler is into K-pop or K-dramas, they’ll love snacking along with authentic, high-quality treats from Korea including candy, jellies, chocolate, cookies, caramels and chips.

Options: Large Korean Snack Box, with one pound of snacks; or Medium, with a half pound of snacks.

Subscriptions and gifts: Month-to-month plans

Best for: K-pop fans, K-drama lovers, Asia travelers, culture vultures, foodie travelers

Subscriptions for Women Travelers

Best Subscription Boxes for Women Travelers

Need gift ideas for women who love travel?  Check out the best monthly subscription boxes for women travelers, filled with travel gear, in-flight essentials, and travel-themed gifts for adventurous ladies.

photo of a wanderlust woman in bikini on vacation

The Wanderlust Box

The Wanderlust Box from is the gold standard of women’s travel boxes. Treat yo self – wait, I mean treat your gift recipient, of course – with the latest style, beauty, fitness, and travel products, and everything in between. Each box is filled with $250 worth of amazing destination-themed styles delivered right to your door for waaaay less!

Just check out the reviews that gush things like “Hands down the best subscription box I’ve ever received!” and “Never disappoints. Everything in this box was incredible.”

Options: Buy one box or choose an annual subscription; change or cancel your membership at any time.

Best for: glam girls, women travelers, stylish travel gear, travel gifts

contents of the Flygirl Box with in-flight essentials

The Flygirl Box

The Flygirl Box is a monthly travel-themed gift box filled with essentials for flight attendants or adventurers who live a travel-inspired life.  Past boxes have included in-flight essentials like travel-sized toiletries, lunchbox items, gadgets, travel themed-accessories, and other items for your suitcase.

This is a thoughtful gift for flight attendants and women travelers, who will appreciate the carefully-curated selection of both practical and fun travel gear.  

Options: Deluxe option with 5 items or mini option with 3

Subscriptions: month to month, or purchase a one-time gift or gift card

Best for: In-flight comfort, women travelers, travel gear, travel gifts

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Looking for more travel toiletries and beauty products?  Check out Ipsy, which offers a glam bag of 5 beauty items picked just for you, starting at $12/month. Or try Glossybox, whose products are carefully selected to include niche and cult beauty brands such as OPI, Clarins, Dermalogica, Burberry, and Stila.

contents of travel gift box for women outdoor lovers

Wild Woman Gift Box

The Wild Woman Box is a monthly travel gift box curated with gear, inspiration, snacks and body products. Their mission is to make adventure and the outdoors inclusive and accessible for ALL women! This travel gear subscription box consistently gets great ratings on Cratejoy and is a thoughtful travel gift for the wild woman on your gift list.

Subscriptions: month to month subscriptions and gifts

Best for: Women travelers, travel gear, travel gifts

Oceanista box contents


Oceanista is a travel subscription box for women who love the beach lifestyle and will appreciate unique pieces that can’t be found in any other beach gift box.  Every Oceanista box includes at least $200 worth of beach-themed artisan goods, many of which are exclusive to Oceanista.

Oceanista ships four times a year, in March, June, September, and December.  Your traveler will receive each-inspired apparel, flips flops, home decor, skin, hair or nail care, and everything in between.

Options: Seasonal or annual subscriptions and gifts; or purchase a one-time themed box 

Best for: artisan goods, women travelers, beach lovers

Travel Gear Subscription Boxes

Travel Gear Subscription Boxes for Outdoor Lovers

If you have an adrenaline junkie on your gift list or a traveler who loves the outdoors, help them discover new gear and get motivated with an outdoor gear subscription box.


Cairn is the original outdoor subscription box service, with carefully curated outdoor gear in multi-month gift options and a quarterly premium box. Gift recipients can fill out a profile to help Cairn select products that best match their outdoor activity and lifestyle preferences – for example, backpacking over car camping, have a dog, are vegetarian, etc. Cairn helps outdoor enthusiasts discover great brands and new products that will inspire them to get outside and embark on new adventures.

Options: Monthly subscriptions; gift options from one month to annual.  Plus there’s a quarterly premium Obsidian gift box.

Best for: adrenaline junkies, outdoor lovers, adventure travelers, men travelers, women travelers

contents of the Nomadik gear box


Nomadik is the premier travel gear subscription box for adventurers.  Each box has a theme, plus it includes a monthly challenge card to inspire your traveler’s next trip.  It’s packed with innovative gear that’s been tested, and is guaranteed to be 3-7 full-size products that retail for at least $50 per box.  New subscriptions now start with a welcome box including a hammock.

The Nomadik Subscription Boxes are carefully curated to provide quality, durable outdoor and adventure products.  This is a great gift for an outdoor lover who is always looking for new gear for their adventures.

Subscriptions and gifts: Billed monthly, ever 6 months, or annually; cancel or pause anytime

Best for: adrenaline junkies, outdoor lovers, adventure travelers, men travelers, women travelers

contents of camp life crate subscription box for glampers and campers

Camp Life Crate

Calling all campers, glampers and RV enthusiasts: the Camp Life Crate is for you!  Your traveler can discover outdoor gear and gifts and get ready for adventure with a new gift box delivered to their door every quarter.  Each box includes 5-7 themed items, and also includes access to an online community to inspire and share tips and experiences.  Camp Life Crate is geared a little more towards women, but is a gift that camper couples could enjoy together.

Options: Subscriptions and gifts billed and shipped every 3 months

Best for: outdoor lovers, women travelers, travel couples

Subscription Boxes for Wine Lovers & Spirits Connoisseurs

Travel Subscription Boxes for Wine Lovers and Spirits Connoisseurs

If you’re shopping for an oenophile (wine connoisseur), whisky-lover or craft spirits aficionado, they can be difficult to shop for!  Check out these ideas for wine club subscriptions and whiskey and cocktail clubs to make your traveler’s winter a little merrier.

Flaviar whiskey club - gifts for travelers


It’s pretty much a given that serious adventurers should belong to a premium whisky club. Flaviar is the club for explorers at heart. It’s the go-to place to discover and taste craft and premium spirits – from Bourbon and Scotch to Rum, Gin, Cognac and others, as well as learn the ways of a true whiskey aficionado. Membership is reasonably-priced and offers a wide variety of perks & benefits you won’t find anywhere else, with an undertone of a 1920’s speakeasy club.

Options: Join quarterly or annually; or 6-month and annual gift subscriptions available

Best for: Craft spirit connoisseurs, whiskey lovers, speakeasy fans

Gifts for travelers wine lovers - French wines subscription


For your favorite wine-lover, how about a delivery of French wines personally curated by a family of travelers and winemakers? SomMailier selects wines from handcrafted French vineyards that aren’t available anywhere else in the U.S. The SomMailer site has really great reviews of personal service touches, plus each box comes with stories about the winemakers and vineyards. But what really sold me on SomMailier is the company story – read it here.

Options: several wine subscription options, plus a single-delivery gift option of 3 or 6 wines in red, white, or mixed. 

Best for: Oenophiles, foodie travelers, travel couples, culture vultures

saloon box cocktail subscription

Saloon Box

Expert and aspiring mixologists will love this cool travel gift box that includes everything you need to make 4+ craft cocktails, including the spirits! Saloon Box expands cocktail lovers’ palates by exposing them to new drinks and spirits they might otherwise not have tried. It’s perfect for reminiscing about a favorite speakeasy visit on a date night in, and consistently gets high ratings from subscribers.

Note: This box only ships to certain states since it contains liquor – so if it won’t work for your traveler, check out the Shaker and Spoon box instead.

Options: quarterly subscriptions and gift options

Best for: Craft cocktail connoisseurs, speakeasy fans, travel couples

Subscription Boxes for Bookworms

Travel Subscription Boxes for Book Lovers

Got a traveler on your list who loves to read? If they’ve always got the best local bookshops on their travel plans, these travel gift boxes of books and literary adventures are a great gift idea!

contents of a subscription box for travelers who love to read

The Wordy Traveler

The Wordy Traveler is a quarterly book subscription for those with wanderlust. Each quarter a curated box will transport your gift recipient to an amazing destination with hand selected books from travel writers, ethically-sourced tea, and a limited edition art print.  Completely customize your journey by selecting a “Full Suitcase” or just a “Backpack” sized box, as well as fiction or nonfiction books.  This travel themed gift box consistently gets high ratings for its thoughtful curation and responsiveness regarding any questions or issues. Each box also supports a children’s charity. 

Options: Quarterly subscriptions and gifts

Best for: traveling bookworms, responsible travelers, armchair travelers, travelers who need some “me time”

bibliophilic excursions - gifts for book loving travelers

Bibliophilic Excursions

Bibliophilic Excursions provides a curated travel-from-home experience for adventurous readers of all ages. Simply let them know your preferences, and each month you’ll receive a carefully-themed literary adventure including all the senses. Every box includes 1-2 books and 3-5 items like snacks, teas and more. This is a thoughtful, personalized gift for your traveling bookworm!

Options: Month-to-month subscriptions and gifts

Best for: traveling bookworms, culture vultures, travel lovers who need some “me time”

Subscription Boxes for Responsible Travelers

Responsible Travel Subscription Boxes

Have a travel lover on your gift list who makes it their mission to travel responsibly and sustainably?  Check out these gift ideas for fair trade artisan products and Eco-conscious gift ideas.

Globe In artisan subscription box

Globe In

Globe In is a travel box subscription that curates full-size, handmade artisan products from around the world and delivers them to your traveler’s door each month. Each artisan gift box has a monthly theme. All products are ethically-sourced and support job creation and fair wages in communities around the world. So this is a thoughtful travel gift that both you and your traveler will feel good about! Or, shop their marketplace for handmade global goods.

Options: Subscriptions month-to-month; or 3 month, 6-month and annual subscriptions and gifts

Best for: Responsible travelers, travel lifestyle items, artisan goods lovers


4Ocean is an organization that sells products to fund its programs to clean oceans and coastlines. Their business is founded on the belief that business can be a force for good and the actions of individual people, collectively, have the power to change the world. Check out their gift options including a “bracelet of the month” subscription which is twofold: your traveler gets a cool bracelet, and they clean up one pound of ocean trash! Or shop all of their gifts, including reusable bags, Yeti tumblers, t-shirts and more.

Options: Month-to-month bracelet subscription and gift options and bracelet sizes/choices; or shop all of their gifts 

Best for: Eco-conscious travelers, responsible travelers, beach lovers

Travel Subscription Boxes for Kids & Families

The Best Travel Subscription Boxes for Kids & Families

Looking for global exploration ideas for kids?  I’ve got ideas for travel subscription boxes that the entire family will enjoy.  These are also great ways to supplement kids’ learning at school or home school by exposing them to new cultures, geography, and travel-based activities.

Little Passports

A Little Passports subscription is sure to spark kids’ curiosity about the world around them! Little Passports boxes focus on the adventures of two children, Sam and Sofia – or, for younger subscribers, Mia and Max— as they travel the world and learn about geography, culture, and science. The boxes include photos and souvenirs from their adventures, as well as activities for kids to try at home.

There are several customized subscription options for kids based on ages and interests, including: Early Explorers, Science Junior, World Edition, USA Edition, and Science Expeditions.

Options: Monthly, 6 months or 12 months

Best for: travel kids, home school, distance learning

contents of a culture travel box for kids

Up & Away Adventures

Take a family vacation in a box with a virtual travel experience focused on culture, crafts and activities.  Up & Away Adventures is a bi-monthly travel subscription box that includes arts and crafts, recipes, online experiences, and information about local culture and festivals.  While the information and projects are suitable for kids, Up & Away Adventures is a multi-sensory experience that the entire family can enjoy together.

Options: Subscription and gift options that ship and bill every two months

Best for: Cultural exploration, family activities, home school, virtual travel, kids of all ages

subscription box contents - main street mail

Main Street Mail

Main Street Mail is the most customizable Disney-themed subscription box, with a questionnaire that lets you request your favorite characters and product types. (And they deliver – one reviewer called them the “Disney fairygodmothers of sub boxes”!) This carefully-curated box ships outside the U.S. and is good for all age levels.

Options: Month-to-month subscription and gift options

Best for: Disney lovers, travel kids, Disney princes and princesses, kids of all ages

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