Morocco Packing List

Morocco Packing List

Morocco is a crossroads. Spend a few weeks traveling here, and you'll find people, cultures, foods, and languages from Arab, African and European traditions. Similarly, Morocco's landscapes...

Snorkeling & Liveaboard Packing List

Liveaboard boat trips are an amazing way to experience snorkeling and diving destinations, but what should you bring? Grab these tips for what to pack for any snorkeling or diving trip, whether based on land or a liveaboard! I’ve used this list all over the world including Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, and the Florida Keys.

How To Create A Packing List

How to Create A Packing List

When I travel, it’s often for work or a combination of business and leisure travel, so I have to create a detailed packing list or risk dying a slow, arduous death dragging my too-heavy bags over a border in the snow.  Sometimes I even...