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Last Updated on September 15, 2020Having the best travel apps at your fingertips can save you time, money and headaches.  Check out my favorites and download them before your next trip!


More than any other app, this one makes me feel like a pro traveler. TripIt takes all of your booking confirmation emails and compiles them into one easy-to-access trip reservation.  Just forward your emails to the app and it does the rest.  The paid version ($49) can also manage your loyalty program points, provide updates on flight delays, “better seat” alerts, and more — but get the free one to start.  Itineraries are available offline and you can share your itinerary with tripmates or others (like your dear mum).

Available on iPhone and Android: free, or paid version $49.  

Google Translate

This is a must-have app for every international traveler!  Translate up to 90 languages, many of which are downloadable for offline use. Translate both typed and spoken words, and even use your camera to translate signs, menus, etc. in selected languages.  You can save translations by starring them – for example, search and keep phrases you know you’ll need to use on a trip.  A friend even used it to communicate back-and-forth with a taxi driver in Thailand.  

Available on iPhone and Android: free.


Best Travel AppsTripScout is an app for serious travelers.  It features self-guided city tours and off-the-beaten-path finds curated by locals for nearly 100 cities in the U.S. and worldwide.  Download the maps for offline use and even add your own pins for hotels and custom destinations.

I’ve been using TripScout on all my recent trips and never have to worry about missing cool local spots and hidden gems.

Available on iPhone and Android: free.  City guides vary based on what’s included: $1.99 – $9.99.

xe Currency

I travel for work to multiple countries in a trip and can’t deal with jetlag and different exchange rates at the same time. Store up to 10 currencies in the dashboard and drag and drop to sort between them.  

Available on iPhone and Android: free.




Over 350 million reviews and opinions from travelers help you to get the lowest airfares, find the best hotels and restaurants, and be sure you don’t miss the best things to do in each destination.  Compare hotel prices from over 200 booking sites, plus save and share travel ideas and itineraries.

Available on iPhone and Android: free.


Touchnote - Best Travel AppsPossibly my favorite travel app.  Use your own photos to make custom postcards (and greeting cards).  The cards are mailed after printing in the U.S., UK, Germany and Australia, so they might actually get to your fam before you return home!  Multiple layout options, basic editing within the app, plus the option to include a small map of where the photo was taken.  The app shows when your card has been posted and delivered.  


Available on iPhone and Android: free.  Buy credits for postcards from $1.99.


I usually download the local transit app if I can find one, but Citymapper has compiled information for nearly 50 cities and counting.  View maps, check different transit types (bus, bike, light rail, etc.), even get alerts on delays.  

Available on iPhone and Android: free.

LoungeBuddy LoungeBuddy

Load this free app, enter the types of credit cards you have, and submit your flight itinerary, and LoungeBuddy will tell you any airline lounges you can access.  They even sell lounge passes at selected airports.

Available on iPhone and Android: free.


An old standby, but I’ve used it even mid-trip when I missed a connection due to bad weather: I was able to find and request an alternate flight, and because so many people needed rebooking, the agent quickly granted my request.  There’s also the cool “Explore” function and you can set up daily alerts to watch ticket prices.

Available on iPhone and Android: free.

The Weather Channel Weather Channel - Best Travel Apps

Hour-by-hour forecasts, severe weather alerts, pollen updates – everyone needs this app!  

Available on iPhone and Android: free.


Airline AppThe app of the airline you’re traveling

Before you fly, be sure you have the app of the airline you’re flying.  Different airlines offer varying functionality, but some have gate updates and delays, or even baggage tracking or carousel number.  This saved me and a seatmate once on a delayed flight with a short connection – we were able to confirm if our gates had changed and head straight there when minutes mattered.



New to traveling?  Check out my How To Survive Your First International Trip!


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