Carry-On Size Limits

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Last Updated on September 15, 2020

Shopping for a new piece of luggage and need to know airlines’ carry-on size limits?  Want to avoid having to pay extra to check a too-big bag?  Or did you get your old suitcase stuck in the sizer at the gate, while the rest of the airport looked on in disgust?

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I’ve done the work of checking the carry-on size limits of nearly 100 airlines worldwide and, where needed, converting their metric measurements to U.S. (imperial).  Click on the airline name to open its carry-on baggage or hand luggage policy and relevant information.

You should also use the link to confirm you’ve got the most up-to-date info, as well as to check any restrictions on the additional personal item you’re generally permitted (usually a laptop bag, handbag or small backpack). 

Disclaimers & Info

  • This information is provided as a general guide, and to help you locate the airline’s specific carry-on size limits policy.
  • The information listed is for full economy class bookings.  Airlines may have different carry-on size limits for basic economy, “light” economy, and business class fares.
  • For metric conversions, I have erred on the low side when necessary.
  • If your flight is a codeshare (two or more airlines sharing the same flight, published under each airline/flight number), the partner airlines’ restrictions might apply for the flight. It’s best to buy a bag that meets the majority of guidelines for the areas/airlines you will travel.  To see if your flight is a codeshare, check your ticket or Flight Stats.
  • Remember, if they measure, airlines will check the ENTIRE DIMENSIONS of the bag, including wheels, pockets and handles.
  • Carry-on baggage might also be termed “hand luggage” or “cabin baggage” depending on the region, airline and snootiness level.

Vaya con dios, fellow travelers!

Airline (click to open airline page)HeightWidthDepthLinearWeightAdditional infoRegion
Aegean Airlines22in17.5in9.5in17.5lbsEurope
Aer Lingus21.5in15.5in9.5in22lbsIf connecting to/from regional service, 15lb limitEurope
Aerolineas Argentinas22in14in10in22lbsIf domestic flight, 18lb limit; see airline for some country specificsSouth America
Aeromexico22in14in9in45in22lbsNorth America
Air Canada
21.5in15.5in9inNoneLight enough to store in overhead bin unassistedNorth America
Air China21in15in7in11lbsAsia
Air Europa21.5in13.5in9.75in22lbsEurope
Air France21.5in13.5in9.75in26lbsWeight limit is carry-on and accessory item totalEurope
Air India
Air New Zealand46.5in15lbsPacific
Air Serbia21.5in15.75in7.75in17.5lbsAustralia and Oceania
Air Asia22in14in9in15.5lbsWeight limit includes personal itemAsia
Alaska Airlines24in17in10innoneMust be able to lift unattended into overhead binNorth America
Allegiant16in15in7inListed is a free personal item; fees apply for carry-on or checked bagsNorth America
American Airlines22in14in9innoneNorth America
Austrian Airlines21.5in15.75in9in17.5inEurope
Avianca45in22lbsSouth America
Bangkok Airways22in14in9in11lbsAsia
British Airways22in18in10in51lbsEurope
Brussels Airlines21.5in15.75in9in26lbsWeight limit includes personal itemEurope
Cathay Pacific22in14in9in15lbsAsia
Cebu Pacific22in14in10in15.5lbsAsia
China Airlines22in14in9in15.5kgAsia
China Eastern Airlines22in17.7in9.8in45in22lbsListed is for international flightsAsia
China Southern Airlines45in11lbsAsia
Copa46in22lbsCentral America/Caribbean
Czech Airlines21.5in17.5in9.75in17.5lbsEurope
Delta22in14in9inCheck Delta site for weight restrictions for certain cities in AsiaNorth America
Easy Jet
22in17.5in9.75innoneMust be able to lift it into overhead compartmentEurope
EL AL Airlines22in17.5in9.75in45in17.5lbsOnly one piece of hand luggageMiddle East
Emirates22in15in8in45in15lbsOnly one piece of carry-on baggage permitted (although I have flown with two)Middle East
Ethiopian Airlines21.5in15.75in9in15.5lbsAfrica
Etihad19.5in15.75in9.75in45in15.5lbsMiddle East
Fiji Airways21.5in15.75in9in15lbsAustralia and Oceania
Finnair22in18in10in17.5lbsListed is for combined weight of bag and personal itemEurope
n/an/an/aNo carry-on bags included; starts at $35North America
Garuda Indonesia22in14in9in45in15.5lbsAsia
GOL22in16in10in22lbsSouth America
Gulf Air17in15in12in13lbsMiddle East
Hainan Airlines45in22lbsListed is for international flights; check site for national flightsAsia
Hawaiian Airlines22in14in9in45in25lbsNorth America
Iberia22in17.5in9.75inMust be able to lift into the overhead locker by yourselfEurope
Interjet22in14in9in22lbs2 pieces maximum weight limit 22lbsNorth America
Japan Airlines21.5in15.75in9.75in45in22lbsSize limits are lower if plane is less than 100 seats (check airline site)Asia
JetBlue22in14in9inNorth America
Jetstar Airways22in14in9in15.5lbsAustralia and Oceania
Kenya Airways21.5in13.5in9.75in26lbsAfrica
KLM21.5in13.5in10in26lbsListed weight is for total carry-onsEurope
Korean Air21.5in15.75in7.75in45in25lbsAsia
LATAM21in13in9in17lbsSouth America
Thai Lion Air15.7511.75in7.7515.5lbsAsia
LOT Polish Airlines21.5in15.75in9in17.5lbsEurope
Malaysia Airlines22in14in9in15.5lbsAsia
Nok Air22in14in9in7kgOnly one item permittedAsia
Norwegian Air Shuttle21.5in15.75in9in22lbsListed weight is for combined items; Dubai flight limit is 17.5lbsEurope
Oman Air45in15.5lbsMiddle East
Philippine Airlines45in15lbsAsia
Qantas22in14in9in45in15lbsAustralia and Oceania
Qatar Airways20in15in10in15lbsMiddle East
Royal Air Maroc45in22lbsAfrica
Royal Jordanian20in16in9in45in15.5lbsMiddle East
Saudia22in18in10in15.5lbsMiddle East
Singapore Air45in15.5lbsAsia
South African Airways22in14in9in17.5lbsAfrica
Southwest24in16in10innoneNorth America
Spirit18in14in8innoneOnly a personal item includedNorth America
Sri Lankan Airlines22in14in9in15.5lbsAsia
Sun Country Airlines24in16in11in35lbsNorth America
SWISS21.5in15.75in29in17.5lbsIf a codeshare, partner airline rules applyEurope
TAP Portugal15.75in11.75in6in45in17.5lbsUse site link to search flights and confirm for your routeEurope
THAI Airways22in18in10in15lbsAsia
Turkish Airlines21.5in15.75in9in17.5lbsEurope
United Airlines22in14in9innoneNorth America
Vietnam Airlines22in11in9in45in15.5lbsAsia
Virgin Atlantic22in14in9in22lbsOnly one item permittedEurope
Virgin Australia45in15.4lbsAllowance is less for domestic flightsAustralia and Oceania
WestJet21in15in9innoneNorth America
Wizzair55in40in23in10kgListed takes effect October 29; check website before that dateEurope

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Carry on size limits for 100 world airlines

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