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Last Updated on October 2, 2020

My Favorite Travel Gear & Resources

Travel goes so much more smoothly when you have the right gear! I spend a lot of time reading reviews before I make any new gear purchases, so I’m happy to share my favorites here.

When shopping for gear, you should consider your travel style as well as your budget, of course. My trips are usually 1-2 weeks and I sometimes extend work travel with personal days, so I’m always looking for ways to pack lighter! Learn more about me and my blog here and get my guide to creating a packing list with a capsule wardrobe here.

Below you’ll find some of my favorite gear or things that are currently on my wish list, as well as companies I use for booking my trips.

FYI, this post contains affiliate links, which means I might earn a small commission if you purchase from them, at no additional cost to you. Visit my Disclosure Policy for more info.

Travel Electronics

I always travel with at least two iPhone cords: a short one for flights and cars, and a 10-foot cord for hotels in case the outlet closest to the bed is in a different zip code. I also try to throw a few extra inexpensive outlet adapters in my bag – a colleague always needs one, and I don’t have to worry about leaving them! Having a power bank and an eReader like a Kindle makes time in airports and flights more bearable. And a portable speaker or noise-cancelling headphones are a great items to put on your holiday wish list.

travel electronics gear

travel photography gear

Photography Gear

I currently shoot with a Canon DSLR as well as my iPhone for quick on-the-go shots and Instagram. I also use an Olympus point-and-shoot for underwater photos. In my continuing quest to travel light, I’ve been researching mirrorless cameras to replace my DSLR and am almost ready to make the switch! (Currently deciding between the Fujifilm X-T4 or a Sony a7 IIk.) Here are some photo gear items that I recommend or have in my travel arsenal including cameras, a crossbody sling camera bag, and a camera backpack with dedicated laptop and camera compartments plus a bag-handle strap.

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Luggage & Packing Aids

How in the world did we ever travel before digital luggage scales and packing cubes? (I try to only use small and medium cubes, though, so I don’t overpack.) My current favorite travel bag is the wheeled Osprey Sojourn below – great for adventure travel but sleek enough that no one stares at me on business trips! I also usually need a wheeled carry-on for business trips – the Delsey Helium Aero is my go-to. And I always have an extra shopping bag or expandable duffel in my suitcase for use during my trip or on the return travel home.

luggage & packing

In-flight & Carry-on Gear

In-Flight & Carry On Gear

Below are some of my favorite items for in-flight comfort. These mesh zip pouches are my #1 way to stay organized during flights – I can tuck one into my seat pocket with chapstick, handwipes, lotion and cords and be ready for takeoff. I also love this small pouch for keeping my jewelry safe. And check out my guide to the below airport lounge access options here including how to save $10 off your first day pass!

Loungebuddy - Purchase airport lounge access worldwide starting at $25

Travel Health & Safety

If you’ve ever gotten sick during your travels, you know how important it is to have some basics in your suitcase like a travel first aid kit. The folding water bottle below is one of my favorite travel items for reducing single-use plastics. If you’re traveling solo or to areas where pickpockets are a concern, also check out the bags below and the travel door alarm. I’ve also got a recommendation below for a great travel yoga mat. For more carry-on compliant toiletries with quick shipping, check out my curated Amazon list.

travel health and safety gear

snorkeling and beach gear for travel

Beach & Snorkeling Gear

My life changed when I got a snorkel mask with prescription lenses! I have an option below for an Rx mask as well as regular snorkel kits. Don’t forget to pack reef-safe sunscreen, a travel towel, and a dry bag to keep your phone and other necessities dry on boats and around water. The bag below also comes with a phone pouch. For more beach and snorkeling travel necessities, check out my curated Amazon gear list.

Travel Books

Looking for travel inspiration? These are some of my favorite travel and photography books to recommend. They make perfect gifts and conversation pieces for your coffee table! If you’re looking for more travel tales, check out my list of books by old-school adventurers on

Travel books and inspiration

Travel Companies and Services I Use
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