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Last Updated on January 16, 2020

Airport lounge access changed my life.  (This is not a drill.)  I traveled for several years before realizing that my work-issue Business Platinum American Express gave me complimentary lounge access with a Priority Pass membership. But even if you don’t fly first-class or have credit cards that offer lounge perks, you can still find lounges that sell daily passes with the LoungeBuddy app!  And I’ve got a code that will give you a $10 LoungeBuddy credit on your first purchase.

FYI, this post contains affiliate links, which means I might earn a small commission if you purchase from them, at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Thanks for helping to help maintain all the free content on my site!  Visit my Disclosure Policy for more info.

Additionally, I’ll tell you how you can get access to airport lounges without a credit card membership or elite status by purchasing a Priority Pass membership.

LoungeBuddy: Your New Travel BFF

You can download the LoungeBuddy app from the iTunes store or the Google Play Store. The app itself is free, with the option to purchase daily lounge passes through the app.

LoungeBuddy app view

I’ve found that many international airports have at least one purchasable option through the app.  Prices for passes range from $25-$59, but hear me out: a meal in an airport can easily cost $20. If you can find a good lounge in your airport terminal, you’ll get a lot more for your money!  A light meal, cold drinks, comfy chair, outlet to recharge your phone, and an oasis of calm to relax away from the fray of busy airport terminals – all for about the same cost.  Some lounges even have free alcohol, nap rooms, gourmet coffee machines, showers and more!

Sometimes you just deserve a treat.  This is especially true if you’ve had a full day of travel, missed a flight or are at the end of a long journey.

Get A $10 LoungeBuddy Credit

With the code below, you can get a $10 LoungeBuddy credit toward your first purchase. Just download the app and create an account, then tap the wheel icon to get to your profile. In the “Credit” menu, enter the code hDa9A4u5IZ to get $10 loaded to your account. You can also add the names of any credit cards, elite status or memberships you have to your profile.  Then, you can build your travel itinerary or import it from the TripIt app.  LoungeBuddy will provide a list of lounges in the airports on your route and automatically indicate if you already have free access on each lounge listing.

Tip: by adding your itinerary including your airline, the app will note any lounges you can access (free or by purchase) because of the particular airline you’re flying.

Deciding What Lounges to Use

You can access the list of lounges at any time, so you can check your itinerary and do some research before you travel. If you know what terminal you’ll be arriving to, you’ll be able to see what lounges are easily accessible.

When deciding to buy a pass, look for the ratings of the lounges and focus on those noted as “SOLID” or “FRESH.” Also check the list of amenities and read the editor’s notes to be sure you can access it from your terminal. Some lounges I’ve visited had serve-yourself beer on tap, mimosa and mixed drink stations, and shower rooms. (Showers might sound gross, but they’re completely private and cleaned after each use. And you will emerge with a new lease on life!)

Before purchasing a pass, you can always go get a look at the lounge from its lobby, ask about its amenities, and see how busy it is. Also, in case of flight delays, I suggest waiting to purchase until you’re sure you’ll have time to use the lounge.

Reviews, Hours and Amenities

Even though I already have a lounge membership, I use LoungeBuddy to get reviews from other travelers.  For example, in Mexico City the Amex Centurion Lounge had table service. Lounge access was free, but you had to pay for your food and drinks.  Luckily, I knew about this ahead of time by reading lounge reviews in the app but decided to treat myself anyway!  (Plus I really wanted to see what the Centurion Lounge was like.)

I also use the app to know what lounges I already have free access to based on my itinerary, and to check lounges’ amenities, hours and locations.

Get more info on LoungeBuddy here on their website and download the app.  And don’t forget to enter the code hDa9A4u5IZ to get your $10 LoungeBuddy credit!

Priority Pass Lounge Membership

Priority Pass is a network of 1,200 lounges in 500 cities, with different levels of membership available.  It makes a great holiday gift for travelers or for yourself!  Click here for more info and save 20% with my link!

Membership options range from a $99 plan [click here to get it for $59 with their Black Friday Sale!] that gives you access to their lounge network, and then each visit is an additional fee. The top tier plan includes all of your visits free. You’re also able to pay to bring guests with any of the plans.

If you travel only occasionally, or don’t travel much outside the U.S., the Priority Pass might not make sense for you. But it’s definitely made my international trips much less stressful to have a place to relax and recharge on layovers!

Check the Priority Pass website for more info and use my link to save 20% off the price of a membership. save up to 40% here with their Black Friday Deal! It’s also a great gift option for frequent travelers!

Looking for more airport layover tips? Check out my guide to spending a long JFK Airport layover at the TWA Hotel!

Loungebuddy review and app credit

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