how to pet a manatee

How To Pet A Manatee Without Going To Jail

We watched from shore as a manatee’s snout popped up above the surface of the water for a breath of air.  Over and over again, the manatee surfaced, but we were too far away to get a good look.  My mom and I were at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park in Key Largo, Florida, and it was the last day of our trip to the Keys.  I started...

Machu Picchu Booking Resources

Machu Picchu Booking Resources

Located in the Andes Mountains, Machu Picchu is the ruins of a 15th-century Inca city.  The Incas built it around 1450, at the height of their empire, but abandoned it a century later during the Spanish Conquest.  UNESCO declared Machu Picchu a World Heritage Site in 1983.  It was also chosen as one of the "New 7 Wonders of the World" in an...

Two Weeks in Morocco

Two Weeks In Morocco Photo Gallery

With its dramatic landscapes, fascinating history, and intersection of Berber, Arabian and European culture, Morocco should be at the top of every adventure traveler's bucket list.  I spent two weeks there in its cities, winding medinas, mountains and coastal towns.  And one night under the stars in the Sahara.

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Dry Tortugas National Park Fort Jefferson

Dry Tortugas National Park

During a trip to the Florida Keys, I spent a day at Dry Tortugas National Park on Garden Key, 70 miles from Key West.  It was on a trip with my mom, and honestly she planned and booked that part of the itinerary without me really even knowing what it was.  She kept talking about “dry tortugas” and I was like, sure, sure, we’re going to...

Inca Trail Booking Resources

Inca Trail Part V: Booking Resource List

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Two Weeks in Morocco

Two Weeks In Morocco

I spent two weeks in Morocco with Intrepid Travel's Best of Morocco Tour. With its dramatic landscapes, fascinating history, and intersection of Berber, Sub-Saharan, Arabian and European culture, it should be on the bucket list of every world traveler.

For solo travelers or couples, assembling an itinerary for a place like Morocco - including...