Travel from Home - Things to do When You Can't Travel

Virtual Travel: Things to Do When You Can’t Travel

Need a vacation, but just can’t travel right now? Check out these activities for things to do when you can’t travel! From virtual travel tours to reflecting on past trips, free online courses, travel books, and finding some zen, I’ve got tons of great tips for in-between trips.

Where To Stay in Tulum

Where to Stay in Tulum: Best Tulum Beach Hotels and Airbnbs

Tulum has a seductive hold over many vacation-goers thanks to clear blue waters, a chic but laid-back vibe, and beach hotels that let you step from your room right into sugary-soft white sand. There is nowhere else in the world like Tulum. Find out the best places to stay for a dream vacation, honeymoon or girls’ trip here!

Gilão River aerial view of Tavira Portugal

Tavira, Portugal: Where To Stay In The Algarve

Looking for a less-touristy, off-the-beaten path addition to your Portugal itinerary?  I’ve got a contender: the hidden gem of Tavira, Portugal in the eastern Algarve region. Bypass the crowds of Faro and Lagos, and head straight to this charming city on the...

Urban Hive - Seoul Architecture - Best Things To Do In Seoul

Seoul Architecture: Best Things to Do In Seoul

Seoul, Korea is a fascinating juxtaposition of new and old, traditional and ultra-modern.  With history stretching back almost two thousand years, today’s Seoul has become a hub of technology, pop culture, and contemporary design.  I knew that I wanted to see...

Todos Santos colonial center

Things to Do in Todos Santos: Where to Stay, Eat & Play

Baja California gets a lot of love as a spring break destination, but the small town of Todos Santos has been trending as a chic but laid-back getaway. Nestled into the western coast of the Baja California peninsula, Todos Santos is an hour drive north from Los Cabos...

walkways over the concourse of the former TWA Flight Center now the TWA Hotel

JFK Layover at the TWA Hotel

I’ve been a fan of mid-century architecture and design as long as I can remember. As a kid, I used to beg my dad to take me to vintage furniture shops in Austin, Texas long before retro design was trendy again. So when the former TWA Flight Center terminal at JFK...

Hotel Tiki Tiki Tulum

Hotel Tiki Tiki: Review of A Mid-Century Gem in Tulum

When I saw a new Tulum hotel called "Hotel Tiki Tiki" featured in Dwell Magazine, I knew I’d have to visit and review it since it combined so many of my favorite things: Tulum, mid-century design, and boutique hotels.  Just the name, Hotel Tiki Tiki Tulum, had me...

Morocco Packing List

Morocco Packing List

Morocco is a crossroads. Spend a few weeks traveling here, and you'll find people, cultures, foods, and languages from Arab, African and European traditions. Similarly, Morocco's landscapes...

Driving in Mexico

On my most recent flight to Cancún, a seatmate and I chatted about our travel plans.  When I said I was renting a car and driving in Mexico solo around the Yucatán Peninsula, she was nearly speechless.  I had to work to convince her I wasn’t a crazy...

a snorkeler swims with manatees in florida

How To Pet A Manatee (Without Going To Jail)

The first time I saw a manatee in the water, I mistook it for a rock.  I first saw the manatee from the beach at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park in Key Largo, Florida.  It had been surfacing for air at the edge of the swimming area, so eventually I put...

Machu Picchu Booking Resources

Machu Picchu Booking Resources

Located in the Andes Mountains, Machu Picchu is the ruins of a 15th-century Inca city.  The Incas built it around 1450, at the height of their empire, but abandoned it a century later during the Spanish Conquest.  UNESCO declared Machu Picchu a World Heritage Site in 1983.  It was also chosen...

Inca Trail photos

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Gallery

In recent years, hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu has become a rite of passage for adventure travelers.  By hiking the trail, you enter the park from the "Sun Gate" at dawn and are able to see Machu Picchu from a high vantage point.  Trekkers can snap some amazing Inca Trail photos of...

Snorkeling & Liveaboard Packing List

Liveaboard boat trips are an amazing way to experience snorkeling and diving destinations, but what should you bring? Grab these tips for what to pack for any snorkeling or diving trip, whether based on land or a liveaboard! I’ve used this list all over the world including Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, and the Florida Keys.

Thailand Snorkeling Liveaboard

Thailand Snorkeling Liveaboard

I spent an amazing 3 days/3 nights on a Thailand snorkeling liveaboard trip. The excursion with Andaman Snorkel Discovery left from about 1.5 hours north of Phuket to the Similan and Surin Islands.  Since then, the company has started trips to Myanmar as well, so I’m...

Two Weeks in Morocco

Two Weeks In Morocco Photo Gallery

With its dramatic landscapes, fascinating history, and intersection of Berber, Arabian and European culture, Morocco should be at the top of every adventure traveler's bucket list.  I spent two weeks there in its cities, winding medinas, mountains and coastal towns.  And one night under the...