Tulum Packing List

What to Take on Your Tulum Vacation

So you’ve booked your first trip to Tulum and are daydreaming in work meetings and checkout lines. That white sand, the clear blue waters — you’re ready to leave tomorrow.  Only one problem: you don’t know what to pack for Tulum.  Dressy?  Casual?  How many bathing suits?  Luckily, I’ve got you covered with this Tulum packing list!

The Good News

Do you have a muumuu?  Have you ever wanted to unleash your sexy inner Mrs. Roper? (You remember her – the downstairs neighbor from the Three’s Company sitcom!?)  That airy dress you bought on a whim to look like the Instagram “influencers,” but then chickened out on wearing?  FIND IT NOW — it’s perfect.

The vibe of Tulum is hip and laid back, so think flowy skirts, rompers, caftans and off-the -shoulder dresses.  I only pack dresses and cover-ups, because if I get a sunburn I want the least amount of stuff touching my lobster-y body as possible.

What You’ll Be Doing

Relaxing on a beach lounger. Taking sunset walks. Eating at local spots – while even the fancy ones are relatively casual.  Cooling off in cenotes or the beach by Mayan ruins.  Snorkeling with turtles up the road in Akumal Bay. Bicycling along the beach road.

If you plan to get around by bike, you’ll want to add some shorts or rompers to the mix for sure.  I don’t pack heels, because I’m a klutz-and-a-half.  Also, the roads are not well paved or lit. Instead bring flip flops and strappy sandals. Add a pair of sneakers or hiking sandals if you plan to bicycle or explore ruins.  Many beach hotels have sand pathways as soon as you step onto their grounds — which means BARE FEET. (Ahhhhhh!)

Tulum Packing List

I recommend packing at least two bathing suits and cover-ups since you’ll spend most of your time on the beach. I’d also take 4-7 dresses or rompers/outfits based on how many days you will stay.  Taking one-piece outfits doesn’t allow you to mix-and-match, but you can always “sink-wash” a few items.  Tulum restaurants are lit mostly by candlelight and lanterns, so no one’s ever going to know if you re-wear your faves.  Also a bathing suit with a sarong is completely acceptable attire for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner at many beachfront spots!

Click the text links below for designer-inspired “what to wear in Tulum” options at reasonable prices.  (Because you should splurge on dinner the last night of your trip, not a $500 caftan.)

Tulum Packing List
You’re all booked for a dream getaway to Tulum, Mexico — but don’t know what to pack? Click below to shop these looks!

Caftan | Maxi dress | Comfy maxi dress |  Short romper
Jumpsuit | Off-the-shoulder dress | Sporty dress
Cover-up | Cover-up #2 | One-shoulder suit | One-piece suit
Ruffle bikini | Sarong | Packable sun hat | Packable sun hat #2
Straw clutch | Rattan bag | Rolling carry-on | Over-handle carry-on

Add-Ons for Your Tulum Packing List

Pro tips: Learn to tie a sarong with this video from Cosmopolitan. Also, check out my advice on how to create a packing list  for any trip.

Buen Viaje!

If you use my Tulum packing list, feel free to tag me in an Instagram pic from your trip or message me! I’d love to know if this helped you prepare for your getaway.

Haven’t finalized your getaway yet? Check out my tips on booking an affordable trip to Tulum!

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